Picture This

Some people say that us younger people take too many pictures instead of living in the moment. We’re “obsessed” with capturing an instant and posting it for everyone to enjoy or never looking at it again. I think I figured out why we do that.

You know when you are writing or drawing and you unintentionally draw the perfect number or letter and you can’t stop staring at it? Like if I write the number five and it’s just so aesthetically pleasing I will stare at it until my eyes cross or I’ll make someone else look at it, too. I say we do that because this thing is so perfect in that moment that you want to burn the image onto your brain because you know it will never happen again.

Now that we all have cameras in our pockets almost 24/7 we can capture those moments! We can snap a picture of that perfect sunset, the cutest puppy in the world that you saw at the park, or even the amazingly symmetrical stick figure you drew during that boring lecture.

The older generations admonish us for taking so many pictures of random items or even of ourselves (sometimes you know your brows or highlighter will never look that amazing again), but old men are the ones who upload that same profile pic 10 times in a row. They didn’t have that option when they were younger so instead of being happy or even indifferent of selfies, they criticize. But then again, isn’t that what we all do when we don’t understand something?

We may never look at those concert pictures again and even let them take up precious memory on our phones, but it’s the satisfaction of knowing you could collect that moment of bliss instead of letting it slip by.

How often does your pet look like a model?
Seriously, how perfect is this?

I don’t know if this rambling will make sense to anyone else, but I’ve been thinking about it for awhile. Glad I could get that off my chest.

Thanks for reading, pals!

**I don’t own this photo**

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