Welcome Back!

Hi new friends! I am so happy you came back to subject yourself to more of my writing. My initial post didn’t give you too much information about who I am or what my life is like so this one will tell you a little bit.

My name is Haylee and I’m 23 years old. I know, I know, 23 sounds way too young to have any sort of experiences worthy of telling the world about. However, I’m an entitled millennial and you’re going to validate me, dammit! And if I happen to run out of funny anecdotes and life advice, I’ll just become Andie Anderson, your resident How To girl!

Recently, I moved to Las Vegas after living in the Midwest my entire life. I grew up in a small town and yes, it’s probably exactly how you’re picturing it. I went to school with the same kids I went to church with on Sundays. There was a small, cigarette smoke filled diner with racist old men sitting around the counter and we didn’t get a Dollar General until 2013, give or take. Everyone knew everyone and that was good or bad depending on where you ran into them. It was fine if you saw them at Walmart and they commented on how big you’ve gotten since they saw you last (maybe a tad insulting, but not abnormal). It was bad if they saw you shotgunning a Bud Light on Friday night when you told your parents you were at a movie night with the girls. Of course, that last one never happened to me… No one ever saw me at a party and held it over my head for years until I was old enough to tell my mom about all the shenanigans from high school that all she could do now was shake her head and sigh about.

I went to college in a town that was bigger by a smidgen. I saw the same people at parties Tuesday night and in class Wednesday morning. I sneaked into the same bars every Thursday and Saturday night. I even ran into the bar manager who took away my fake ID in the liquor store! That was fun. I got into a car wreck one year because the streets did not have stop signs. Seriously, a town so small that some four ways DID NOT HAVE STOP SIGNS. I wish I was making that one up, but my car insurance rates say otherwise. Growing up in these small areas was fun though because I got to experience all the gut wrenching anxiety of moving, all alone, to the 27th biggest city in the US!

Actually, Las Vegas is on the “big city” list three times. Las Vegas itself is #27, the city of Henderson (where I officially reside) is #65, and North Las Vegas is #91. Vegas is literally 500x bigger than the town I went to high school in. I don’t know if I did that math correctly, but it sounds close (641,676/1706 = 532 so 500x bigger, right?) But, I of course adapted immediately and I blend right in! Not convinced? Me either. Ten months in and I know some of the ropes, but there’s still so much more to learn. Don’t worry, you all can learn with me along the way!

Thanks for reading this second posting and please keep coming back! You stay classy, San Die….f*ck! I’ll get it next time.

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